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Forecast says SEO-related spending will be worth $80 billion by 2020

Manley Media forecaster, Borrel Associates has looked into the total digital marketing expenditure of companies in the US. Their findings show that the largest percentage of digital marketing budgets have been spent on SEO related services – about $65 billion in 2016. By analysing past and current trends, they’ve projected that this figure will rise…


What Can You Expect from Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality comes with a massive number of definitions. As the term suggests, it is both virtual and reality – more explanation available on this page about virtual reality.


Do Spider Robots Dream of 3D Printing?

The German innovation giant Siemens has been creating automated and counterfeit consciousness advances that could conceivably empower swarms of such creepy crawly laborer robots to cooperate in building air ship and ships. The fantasy of versatile 3D printing emerged from a yearly Siemens rivalry that requests that organization specialists propose and vote on mechanical advancement…


What your Social Media profile photo says about your Personality

What’s behind that grin? An endeavor to coordinate the profile pictures of more than 66,000 Twitter clients with their identity attributes could loan capability to those hoping to celestial bits of knowledge into individuals from their excellent information. Such forecasts could help promoters target advertisements all the more precisely, for instance, or improve an organization’s…


Encrypting Transactions With an App

The billions of credit cards exchanges every year in the United States depend on secure cryptographic keys taking into account arbitrary numbers, which require particular equipment to create. Presently, European physicists have demonstrated how cell phones like the one in your pocket can dependably create random numbers given the laws of quantum mechanics. Present day…